HOly SHIT, I just had a stranger knock at the door (Eddie and Alex are asleep which makes this even more strange because I’m so acutely aware of where the kids that I’m responsible for are…safe and sound, etc…) with a kid next to her, and she said, “is he yours?  we just saw him in the street and he looked a bit young” and OH MY GOD MY HEART.  Fuck.  She literally saw this little boy IN THE ROAD AS SHE WAS DRIVING BY.

I told her that next door on either side of the house on this side of the street there are children, or at least I think so, our homes are pretty sheltered from one another so I don’t really know, I just hear kids sometimes, and she said she would go ask at the other houses (I guess my door was her first stop).  He was wearing a tshirt and had a full droopy diaper and was excited about when Coco (the cat) walked out the door after I opened it, but his saying “cat” wasn’t clearly audible.  He looked about 2.5.  I just stood by the door nervously for a few minutes, opening it up and checking back.  Then the kids Grandpa came out, collected him.  Didn’t seem very embarrassed of himself or scared.  I mean we don’t live on a BUSY street, for Auckland, but still, cars go by every couple of minutes at least.  It’s nearly 8:30 at night.  Ahh.

I have not written in this blog in a couple of weeks nor have I shared it with a single soul, so I realize that I’m not actually talking to anyone here but I just had to write something down because I am still in shock…

I am trying not to judge but it’s proving difficult…

After work today I decided to put the location of the doctor’s office I’m taking the boys to tomorrow in my phone’s navigation and do a practice run of getting there since it’s in another part of the city and I got there just fine and on the way back I turned off navigation to see if I could figure my way home and my own and I did it!  I only took one wrong turn which was actually even cooler than getting back here seamlessly, because I managed to figure out a new route and correct myself!  

Tomorrow I start my second week with Alex and Eddie.  I figured I should briefly bring up a few things from my first week, if for no other reason than to get in the habit of doing so.  Although hopefully in the future I am not typing this from my bed on a Sunday at 10pm! (I am trying not to use my computer in bed and have been doing pretty well thus far).

  • I get along great with the children’s parents, Beckie and John.  I am so relieved and happy about this!  I mean I can get along with probably anybody from a professional perspective, but I legitimately enjoy their company, on a personal level.  The children I knew I would get along with but I didn’t imagine they would warm up to me so fast.  Their teachers at school have commented on it, as have mum and dad.  
  • So nice to have my own room/space again.  I love travelling, really, I do, but I am absolutely loving the comforts of having my own bed and a shower that’s not in a dorm and a kitchen where I don’t have to label your food.  Oh, and a CAR!  Since I am taking care of the children full-time, they needed to buy a second vehicle, and I am free to use it for personal reasons any time!  Super cool.  Driving on the left side and adjusting to other NZ road rules has been fine.
  • I am getting really good at going to bed at a reasonable time given my wake-up time!  6 am is the absolute latest I can wake up and once I get into the swing of things I would like to wake up at 5 am and have some morning time to myself and do some yoga or go for a walk or something.  For example, as I type this, it is 10:07 pm and I’m staying focused on wrapping this up quickly so I can get my sleepytime routine in.  I slept 12 HOURS (midnight-noon) last night/today, so hopefully this doesn’t fuck my shit up for falling asleep tonight.  More on this later.  As with probably all of these bulletpoints.

And actually, I am going to just stop here, because I don’t want to jeopardize tomorrow morning being as good as it can be!  I will write more soon, hopefully with more direction and detail.  But, if not, no worries, the idea with the first few (and by first few I probably mean first ten, haha) entries in here is just to get me in the habit of writing.

- Natasha

Hi!  One part of me feels like I shouldn’t be starting this blog with tumblr as the blog platform, but another part of me, the part I’ve been listening to more often lately, tells me that tumblr is probably the best option for this blog (or at least not the worst) because 1. I don’t know the exact direction I’m going with this blog, and 2. It’s familiar/simple/easy to navigate/I won’t get frustrated with it.  I’ve got a few other tumblrs and have been tinkering around these parts for 5 years.

Here in New Zealand it’s 11:15 pm on a Saturday night and I am tired.  Not exhausted, but tired.  I would be surprised if I’m awake at midnight.  This is totally new for me.  Normally, on a Saturday night (or any night, really, but especially a weekend), my brain activity is just starting to peak right about now.  Last night I left a screening of Spirited Away on the waterfront during intermission because I elected the 12am bus arrival time instead of the next-available arrival time: 3am.  Never before in my life would I have made that choice over the latter.  I am a 24 year old girl who has been staying up past 1am most nights of my life since the age of 9.  For the better part of the past 2 years I’ve typically been staying up till about 3am.  And this past week, I was asleep before midnight, and awake before 6am, every day.  I’ll talk more about that later, sharing all my super-cool sleepytime secrets.

Goodnight for now!  Just wanted to get a first post in to motivate me to make a second.

- Natasha